A Common Life Lived with Uncommon Joy

Welcome to the Adventure

I’m so glad you’re here!

I want to invite you to join me on an adventure – a fantastic journey of learning new things, pushing boundaries and living outside your comfort zone.  I want to do the things everyone else only talks about doing…someday.  I’m taking this common, everyday, ordinary existence of housework, grocery shopping, endless laundry, homework, dinners, bedtime drama and those few minutes with my husband every night – and I’m choosing to crank it up a notch.  I’m gonna stop wishing I could_____________ (you fill in the blank), and just start doing it!  And I want to take YOU with me along for the ride.

We get one chance at life, and one day it will end.  There won’t be a second chance to run that race, start that business, lose those extra pounds, write that book…do what I’ve always said I would do someday.  No second chance for me, and no second chance for you.  So why not do it NOW???  Seize the moment, grab the bull by the horns, squeeze your eyes shut tight and then jump in with both feet.

This blog will be my adventure diary.  I want to share my journey with you – the things I learn, the crazy things I do and the new things I attempt.  And I want to hear YOUR adventure story too!  So will you join me?  Let’s walk through this life off the beaten path.  Let’s grow and stretch and dare to dream…and then act on it.  Let’s take this life we’ve been given and use it all up, squeeze every drop of wonderful out of it.  Let’s live a LIFE LIVED LOUD.

Comments make my day! Let’s cheer each other on and share our adventures with each other.


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