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Hello Monday…the Return to Normal Life Version

This weekend was all about relaxation and recovery from two weeks of chaos.  We spent a lot of time on the couch, snuggled under blankets with the kittens, watching one movie after another.  Except for Saturday morning!! I woke up at 6 am, dragged the kids out of bed in the misting rain and headed to Lowes Motor Speedway for the 2013 Charlotte Color Run.  I walked the 5K with my friend Dawn, her husband and her girlie.  We started out with pristine white shirts and ended the race covered head to toe in a rainbow of color chalks.  It was awesome!!


Let’s say hello, shall we?

Hello Monday…

Hello mundane

After a crazy week of wedding trip  preparations, followed by a weekend in Georgia, then a family funeral immediately afterwards, I’m aching for time at home with nothing on the calendar.  I cleared away all non-essentials and we will be spending the week here at home doing mundane things like school and housework.  I think it will be a great respite after the chaos of the last few weeks.

Hello cool weather

Dare I say that the warm weather is gone for good?? I love sweaters and scarves and sweatshirts and jeans.  My poor girls though were totally unprepared for the cooler temperatures.  I’ve pulled the fall/winter clothes out of storage and we’re starting to weed through them.  I’m determined to pare down their clothes to a few outfits each this season.  After pulling all the toys from their room, putting their dresser in the closet, and only leaving the bunk bed and a bookcase in their room, their room is still a disaster area more often than not.  I’m determined to figure out how to keep their room at least halfway tidy.  How do you help your kids keep their rooms clean?

Hello family devotions

I’ve wanted to institute a daily time of family devotions for a long time now.  Michael and I have talked about it a few times, but because I tend to take over things and I’m trying to let Michael be the spiritual leader, I haven’t done anything to make devotions happen for us as a family.  This week I read an article that said men desire to lead devotions with their families but need the creativity of their wives to choose something and show them how to implement it, then step back and allow him to take the wheel.  When I asked Michael for his viewpoint on the article, he wholeheartedly agreed and asked me to find something we could use.  So I’m on the hunt this week for a great family devotional that will have us reading the Bible together every night after dinner and discussing our spiritual walks together.  I’m hoping to find something aimed toward my older two that we can then explain in simpler terms to the younger two, rather than choosing something for the younger two that will bore the older two and not really teach them or challenge them in any way.  Do you have devotions as a family at your house?  Do you have a particular book you love to use?

What are you saying hello to this week?

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