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Weekly Goals

I’m really wanting to make a habit of blogging more often about the things I love to do – homemaking and homeschooling.  People are always asking me questions about how I do things.  And writing is a sort of therapy for me.  So I’ve decided to add a little structure to my writing for Life Lived Loud and start doing some regular weekly pieces.  I’m going to start with things that are helping me to be more purposeful and organized at home.  Hello Mondays is already a staple to the blog and this week I’m adding Weekly Goals as well.  Both of these help me to take a step back and evaluate my past week and put the coming week into a proper perspective.  I’m hoping that publishing my Weekly Goals instead of just writing them into my notebook each week will help me be more accountable to actually crossing things off the list.

Here are my goals for the coming week:


1. Install Teaching Textbooks 5 on the laptop for Gracie’s math – I actually did this this morning.  I had some network issues with my laptop and elected to put it on Michael’s laptop instead, which will work out better in the long run since Ross’ computer classes are on my laptop and this way they don’t have to coordinate taking turns with it.

2. Install Italian program on the laptop for Ross’ foreign language

3. Assemble three busy bags for Georgia – She needs something fun and educational to do that’s already put together and ready to use.  I have lots of ideas for busy bags pinned on Pinterest – you can check out my busy bags board here – and decided to work on assembling a few each week until I have a good stock to rotate through.  I will write up a post about the busy bags I choose to make this week.

4.  Post visual helps for Amber – She needs some visual cues to help her know what day of the week it is and what our routine/schedule will be like that day.  Amber thrives on structure and needs to know what to expect so I’ve made a few things to help her with that.  Now I just need to post them in the house so she can refer to them.

5.  Unit lesson plans for Prairie Primer – I’ve completed planning for half of the first unit study.  I need to finish writing plans for the remainder of the unit.

Kitchen Work

1. Bake cookies with Amber – She made a cookie mix in her AHG unit and she’s anxious to make the cookies with me.  Plus we need to bring some snacks when we go to the cabin this weekend so this is the perfect time to make them.

2.  Make apple butter – Two weeks ago, we picked a half bushel of apples at the local orchard and then two people blessed us with a bag of apples.  We are planning to go pick apples in the mountains next week so I need to use up what we have to make room in the fridge.  Just so happens, I just ran out of apple butter so I’ll be making more this week.

3.  Make a big batch of pumpkin waffles to freeze – We had these for dinner tonight and most of them were eaten.  There were a few left to warm up for breakfast tomorrow but not enough left to freeze.  Cooking so many waffles at once showed me I need a bigger waffle iron – it took over an hour to make them all!

4.  Make apple dapple cake – I already have apples peeled, chopped and measured for the cake in the fridge, I just haven’t made it yet.  This will be another good thing to bake to take to the cabin this weekend.


1. Reassemble the couch and move the side chair from the living room to the master bedroom – We have a modular couch and right now it is separated into parts in two different rooms in the house.  I need to put the couch back into one unit to make more seating in the living room.  I also need to take out my little side chair and tuck it into my bedroom before my little fur babies shred it to bits.

2.  After #1, rearrange living room furniture – Right now the treadmill is on one side of the living room angled toward the TV and facing the window.  The glare from the window makes it impossible to see the TV from the treadmill for most of the day.  So I’m going to flip flop the workout center and the couch so that my back is to the window while I walk the treadmill.  I’m hoping that will make the treadmill more appealing and I can get back into a groove of working out more regularly.

3.  Keep working on decluttering and setting up the master bedroom – This is the last room in the house to declutter and reorganize and it is by far the most challenging.  This week I’m going to spend some more time tackling it.

4.  Inventory seasonal clothes for the kids – It’s definitely not time to make the big switch yet, but I need to pull out what I have for fall/winter for the kids this year and make my list of what we still need.  I have a small credit at a local consignment store I could utilize and our church will be having a family clothing swap next month, so now is the time to start preparing and planning for the things we will need to clothe everybody this fall/winter.  It also gives me time to gather things to donate to the clothing swap or to bless someone else with.


1.  Do something to bless Michael – This is one of my weekly goals every week.  It helps me to remember to be purposeful in doing something for him on a regular basis.

2.  Do something to bless someone else – Same concept here.

3.  Make sure laundry is current, iron wedding clothes and pack for wedding – We are doing two days’ worth of laundry on our schedule per day this week so that it’s all done by Wednesday instead of Friday so that I can go ahead and pack for the wedding.  Everyone has tried on their wedding clothes.  I just need to do a final ironing and hang everything up and get it ready to travel.

4.  Begin reading The Hiding Place – I found this at a yard sale last month and have been meaning to start reading it since then, so this week I’m adding it to my goals so I remember to start it.

5.  Keep a list of frugal accomplishments – Another blog feature I’d like to add is a list of weekly frugal accomplishments, things I did to either save money or make money.  In the midst of tight finances, I think this list will be an encouraging reminder of God’s provision for us.

6.  Start a master to do list – I have too many “to do” things floating around in my head.  I’m going to be purposeful this week in starting to write them down all in one place in my notebook as I think of them this week.  I also want to add a ribbon to my notebook to hold my current place – I’m getting tired of flipping pages, trying to find where I am!

So there you have it, my list of what I hope to accomplish this week.  Next week I will update you on my results and post another week’s worth of goals.  What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

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